Black Tie

Black Tie Semi formal dress code for events traditionally after 6pm. Derives from British and American costume conventions from the 18th Century.

What to wear:

A full length dress, midi or short (not too short) think knee length or three-quarter (midi), keep it classy. Personally we think long, how often do we get to wear a glamorous evening dress, but the choice is yours

Black Tie Optional

Can be a little confusing, however you can wear anything from a long gown to a cocktail gown. Just think, not the Oscars and not a backyard tea party!

What to wear:

Anything from a long simple gown with statement jewellery or a sparkly cocktail dress.

White Tie.

The most formal attire and rare of dress codes. White tie is worn in the evening, for royal celebrations, balls, and may be specified for a formal evening wedding.

Typically this means full evening dress, ball gown, evening dress, gloves and an up style hairdo.

So think long, glamorous, OTT, royal glamour!

What to wear:

Full length formal evening dresses. Traditionally women would show decolletage however this isn’t essential. Elegant striking jewellery – women (traditionally married) would wear tiaras. Pair with and elegant and small evening bag, and your look is royally complete.



Less formal then black tie, but not too casual. Basically means to be well dresses just not over the top. Cocktail occasions are great, as there is room for your personality to shine, throw some colour in there, bold accessories, or the trusty LBD

What to wear:

Above the knee hemline is OK, or an evening pantsuit. Can’t go past a LBD, but colour is fine – pair with a pump heel, clutch and flirty hairstyle.


Semi-formal is a dress code for a party that is being used for events that are in between formal and informal. This sounds difficult, but for women choosing how to dress semi-formal is easier than you think. Just dress almost the same as you would dress to an event with a black tie or a cocktail dress code and you’re always safe and elegant!

What to wear

A knee length cocktail dress is your best bet – length can range from just above the knee or just under. A little cleavage is allowed. Keep your dress simple, LBD, seasonal colour, and pair with a mid-heel, clutch and earrings, and you’re on a winner.

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