We’ve all got our ‘stranded on a tropical album’ no.1 album, but imagine if you had to choose one dress to wear for the rest of your life? If you ever find yourself in that predicament, reach for the Tania Olsen Wrap Dress. A versatile gown that can be wrapped in so many different ways, you’ll have plenty of new looks to keep you going – albeit a little glamorous for hunting and gathering on a deserted beach.

Explore the possibilities in our Tania Olsen Wrap Dress Tutorial below:


The luxe jersey knit wrap dress comes in a huge range of colours and is also now available in two new variations – the Eternity Fitted Wrap Dress and Petra Pant Suit.

wrap dress 3


Particularly popular for catering to the individual tastes and shapes of bridesmaids, the Classic Wrap, Fitted Wrap and Pant Wrap styles also make wonderful wardrobe staples for the adventurous and savvy shopper.


ETERNITY fitted wrap PO31F

By Emily Nunes for Tania Olsen Designs


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