Slinky, Silky, Satin, modern Bridesmaid's inspo

Making a come back is satin! Gone are the days of the 90’s and early 2000’s of unflattering and tricky to wear Satin dresses, in 2021 we are all about loads of style.

With no beading or sequins, just amazing cuts in an array of colours, the modern Satin dresses are hard to beat.

What is Satin? Satin is a type of weave made from non-natural fibres. It's typically smooth with a lustrous or glossy finish.

For some inspo, check out the styles we have added below.

Madeline Satin Dresses, offer an understated modern look. Tie up straps, with a cowl neckline and ruched front, these beauties are available in some classic and contemporary colours.

With a nod to the 90’s slip dress, the Mya Satin Dress offers an up to date twist.

Created with high-quality materials, your bridal party with shine before you as they walk down the aisle. This style is perfect for a wedding that is upscale and formal.

One shoulder, strapless and off the shoulder, these designs below are a popular choice.

A regal look, we can’t look past these beauties. 

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