All our designers use Australian based sizing, which can be confusing as so many of our clothes we buy, we can be one size here and another size there. We always recommend trying on what you normally would wear, then we can gage sizing.

Personally i know how frustrating it is! I am totally different sizes on my bust, waist and hips and never the same size wherever i go.

If your purchasing online, we always recommend a professional seamstress to take your measurements so you can best determine the size from our size guide.

If you fall in between sizes, like I do a lot, I do recommend taking the larger size, as everything can be altered to fit, most of these gowns are joined seem to seem with no fabric left to take them out.

Always fit your biggest part first, take the size from your largest measurement as the rest can be altered.

Majority of our gowns run stock standard from a size 6 - 18, Les Demoiselle there stock sizes are 6 - 24, Tania Olsen 6 - 20. what this means is the stock colours a dress comes in, it runs in those sizes.

We work with brilliant designers who are able to customise the sizing for you. We call this a special order, most not all, can be made from a size 2 up to a size 30. 

This does require time, so make sure you come in with plenty of time so we can provide lots of options for you. A minimum order is a rush of 4 - 6 weeks which does incur a fee, each company charge a different rate. A standard order which is free delivery can take 8- 14 weeks depending on the manufacturer. 

We carry plus sizes in store, to buy straight from the rack, and also just for sizing.

On the day of ordering, we will order for you the size you are on that day. We will have you try gowns on, and compare with measurements also. We do have ladies that are doing amazing on there fitness regime, however, while it’s always good to think positive, try not to overestimate the results of a diet and exercise program. 

Any enquiries you may have, please contact us during business hours on (02) 9734 9821 or email us at

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