The largest single collection of Tania Olsen gowns so far, Papillon is the culmination of decades in the fashion industry and a love of luxurious fabrics and rich colours.  Borne of a vision to create sophisticated timeless pieces for every occasion, these modern interpretations of classic design offer an escape from the norm – an invitation to the wearer to spread their wings and flutter for a day.

2020 sees the introduction of new Tania Olsen Prom line, designed to inspire confidence in young women. A playful collection of both floaty and more structured prom dresses, guaranteed to make you feel like a princess for a day.

The Papillon formal collection features daring leg splits and lavish embellishments, crafted to accentuate your figure.  A huge range of spectacular evening gowns that dare you to express your more flirtatious side.

The Tania Olsen brand has long been synonymous with bridesmaids dresses. This season, explore something different for your maids and walk down the aisle with confidence. Off-shoulder gowns, small trains, mix and matched gowns in the same shade, variety of colour – whatever the individual tastes and shapes of your bridesmaids, Tania Olsen has you covered.

Papillon abounds with full skirts that float and flow, illusion panels, figure hugging low back woven throughout with subtle glamour. The butterfly may not be able to see it’s beauty, but the world can.

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