ElissaJay Boutique was born – from boredom!

I know right! I have two amazing boys and was blessed to be a stay at home mum for the first years of their life.

Those years I’ll cherish forever, as any mum knows there first steps, words, are something you don’t want to miss, and I was blessed to be there for it all.


When my youngest started kindy, the house was clean and dinner cooked by midday, I honestly was bored and was playing around with the idea of going back to work, but the challenges of finding a job within school hours is so hard.

That’s when the idea of working for myself came about.

I love fashion and have always said shopping is something I’m good at!

My grandmother used to say: “every pay day buy yourself something, even if you spend $20, you’ve worked hard now reward yourself”.

I love that philosophy, and that’s what I did every pay day.

There was definitely a need for formal wear boutique in the Liverpool district, and after months of research and pondering, formal wear is what I decided on.

The only issue was how am I funding this?

That’s where fate stepped in.

My Mum’s job was made redundant, and she received a lovely pay out, so ElissaJay was born.

Being a small business, you can expect personalised service, honest advice, and value for money. Myself and our stylist are here to make your experience as comfortable and stress free as possible.

Come and visit us for your next special event, and allow our friendly, expert staff, help you discover your gorgeous dream dress.

Stay up to date with our blog, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Any enquiries you may have please contact us during business hours on (02) 9734 9821 or email us at sales@elissajay.com.au

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