Tania Olsen has the perfect modern bridesmaids gown to ensure your big day is a contemporary success! Whether you are throwing a coastal extravaganza, a classic church or rustic barn wedding, we have the style for you.

Our 2019 collection features a number of bridesmaid dresses that take a step away from the traditional. We encourage you to think outside the box to make your bridal party stand out.

Combining the same colours in different styles provides a point of difference and allows for individual expression of your maid’s tastes and figures. The Lucia and Libby bridesmaids gowns shown here in Sea Foam, work beautifully together.

Another perfect pairing are the Alora & Sariyah bridesmaid gowns, shown below in Merlot. The caped Alora or pant suit Sariyah are carefully crafted in soft, flowing georgette fabric.

By Tania Olsen Designs

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