Here  are  our  Elissa  Jay  Evening  Wear  styling  tips to  make  you  feel  the most comfortable, no matter your shape. 

  1. Hour Glass Shape Styling Tips.

Marilyn Monroe was the original sex symbol, and famously known for her hour glass shape.

If you are one of the very rare 8% of women in the world who also flaunt these vivacious  curves, you might find it actually a little difficult to dress. Too much at the upper section will unbalance your shape, while too much at the lower part will also have the same effect. 


  • Highlight your curves with some figure-hugging evening dresses 
  • Make your waist the center of attention 
  • Keep your upper and lower sections evenly proportioned 
  • Suited dresses and evening wear styles: mermaid, trumpet, sheath, A-line, and ball gowns are all flattering on you.
  • V-necks, sweetheart and scoop neck tops should be favoured. 
  1. Pear Shaped Styling Tips 

The definition of pear shaped is a woman whose hips are wider than her shoulders, with a well-defined, smaller waist and bigger booty. Jo Lo and Beyoncé are famous pear-shaped women. 


  • Reduce the emphasis on the area below your waist 
  • Draw the eye to the upper section of your body 
  • Suited dresses and evening wear styles: favour wide necklines to broaden your shoulders and balance out your lower half. 
  • Off  the  shoulder  styles,  sleeveless  with  wide  straps,  and  bateau  are  good  choices.  Sweetheart, v-neck, halters and scoops are perfect necklines for pear shape figures.
  • Embroidery at the upper section, sequins and beading should also be considered. A-lines, empire dresses, and form fitting (upper half only) ball gowns, with dress lengths at least to the knee, will work well for you.
  1. Banana Shaped Styling Tips 

A woman who has similar size all the way up; from hips to waist and shoulders, is known as banana shaped, or ruler shaped. Gorgeous Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz are a good examples of a banana shaped woman. 


  • Create an illusion of a defined waist 
  • Draw attention to your busts, shoulders, hips or legs instead  
  • Suited dresses and evening wear styles: empire  waist, A-line and ball gowns to create curves. Dresses with a train and form fitting dresses can also play into your favour. V-necks can help to draw attention to your upper assets. 

Some other styling tips for shapes and sizes that Elissa Jay Evening Wear can help out are: 

Broad-shoulder women should go for halters or plunging v-necklines with wide straps; apple shapes work well with wrap-style dresses;  petite women should avoid anything that flares out at the bottom and wear elongating necklines. 

Elissa Jay has a wide range of evening wear and cocktail dresses to suit many shapes and sizes. As long as you selected evening wear suited your body shape and size, you too can rock it like a superstar on the red carpet.  

Check out our range of evening wear and accessories online and be quick to get in for our current sale specials, which has some beautiful evening gowns and cocktail dresses at more than 50% off! 

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