Yes! Yes! Yes! Mix & Match or sometimes referred to as “mismatched bridesmaid’s if done right, will look amazing.

There are a few rules to follow which I will explain in this blog.

So let’s talk about the advantages.

Sizes. Firstly not all your girl are going to be the same size, height, and bust size, so picking different gowns will ensure each of your girls will have a style that suits there body shape.

Budget. If your girls are paying for their own dresses, this will allow them to shop within their budget.

Different Ages. One style of dress might not be appropriate for certain ages. If you have young girls in your bridal party finding a style that is age appropriate can be a challenge. Mature maids will have different tastes also. Choosing different styles will enable all girls comfort and smiles all around.

Now for the guidelines on how to pull this look off.

We recommend choosing a detail such as colour or length, that ties all the dresses together creating that picture-perfect bridal party, By deciding on the look you want, and being up front with your bridesmaids choosing the look you want will be easy and stress free for all. The key to success is to make your girls look cohesive.

Same Dress different Shades. If you and your girls love one style, opt for different shades. You can do this by choosing one colour and having it from dark to light to get a uniformed look. You can choose pastel shades and have the different tones for a soft feminine look.

Different Dress Same Colour. Works well with different shapes and sizes, have the girls in styles that suit there body, and opt for the same colour to create a cohesive look.  

Different Dress Different Shades. Each girl knows what silhouette looks best on their body type, and which colour tone works best for them.

Visit us in store to see the large range of styles we carry and let our expert stylist assist tin creating your dream look.

Any enquiries you may have please contact us during business hours on (02) 9734 9821 or email us at

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