Set the Budget

Between the dress, shoes, jewellery and other expenses, being a bridesmaid can really start to add up. 

Decide with your girls early on who is paying for the dresses, what the budget is. and stick to it! 

When you start your search, be up front with your stylist on pricing, so they can show you a gorgeous range of dresses within your budget. 

You don’t want to be falling in love with a dress, only to have disappointment when it’s over budget.

Time It Well


Organise a shopping day with your bridesmaids, have a list of the boutiques you will be visiting, if you have particular styles in mind, keep a note of those too.

Ordering dresses does take time, your order will be processed all together to ensure the dresses you receive are all from the same dye-lot.

Dresses can take two to three months to be made, you will need to allow time for alterations, so six months is an ideal time frame to be ordering.

Start the Search

Pick your own wedding gown before beginning the search for the bridesmaid attire. Your gown and their dresses should coordinate but don't have to be an exact match. 

For example, if yours is strapless, don't put the bridesmaids in long sleeves, or if your dress is ultra romantic, you might not want your bridesmaids in more modern silhouettes. 

Take Shape

Think about the body types and individual styles of your bridesmaids. If you'd like them all to don the same dress, choose one that will look great on everyone.

Or, get on the mismatched bridesmaid trend and allow each attendant to choose a different dress style in the same colour scheme or fabric to tie the look together. 

This option will give your girls more freedom to express their individual styles while ensuring they’ll feel beautiful and confident in what they’re wearing.

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