Signature Bridesmaid Styles

Signature Bridesmaid Styles

Bridesmaids are more than beautiful girls to stand beside us on our wedding day. They are our friends, family members, inspiration and support systems. Dress them in the fabulous bridesmaid’s ensemble they deserve! 

With over 1000 dresses in our range, we are unable to carry every style, size and colour available. We do have a wide variety of sizes and designs in store, and our experienced stylists will assist with sizing, measuring, colour swatches and style recommendations.

Bella Dress by Tania Olsen
Bella Dress by Tinaholy
Bianca Dress by Tania Olsen
Blakely Dress by Tania Olsen
Blossom Dress by Jadore
Bree Dress by Tania Olsen
Callie Dress by Tinaholy

Callie Dress by Tinaholy

$150.00 $310.00

Camilla Dress by Tania Olsen
Candy Dress by Les Demoiselle
Cara Dress by Jadore
Carla Dress by Tinaholy

Carla Dress by Tinaholy

$120.00 $250.00

Catalina Dress by Jadore
Celeste Dress by Jadore
Celia Dress bye Wendy Ann
Charlotte Dress by Tania Olsen - Poseur
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