Shopping Advice

* Keep an open mind…

Even though you think you may want a certain style, many times you end up with something completely opposite! ElissaJay stylists will listen to your ideas, and then may take you in a completely different direction! Many times it may be THE dress… so be open for suggestions from the experts!!!

* Too many cooks…

In general, limit your shopping companions to one or two people--the ones whose opinions you trust most.

* Does it make you tingle?

Listen to your intuition and body language - If you try on that dress that makes you tingle inside, or even just feel a little different than all the rest...then that is the dress! Not everyone feels struck by a bolt of lightning to know that’s the one, it is different for every woman.

* Order it!

If you’ve found ‘the one” then no need to go looking everywhere - many times you may find “the One” and go looking at 100 more gowns only to come back to it again after much frustration and confusion.

 * Most of all, have fun!!!

ElissaJay strives to make your shopping experience easy, stress-free and fun experience…and we look forward to helping YOU find “THE ONE”!!!